Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Hell No!

I protest because of the things Trump promises he will do. Hillary doesn’t even enter into it at this point as far as I’m concerned. She lost. I feel bad the glass ceiling isn’t broken, and I do feel bad for her as a woman because this was a huge blow, at 68 I could see this not doing her health any good. That being said though, I don't think she should've been president either. I fight back and protest for what’s coming. Hillary will not become president. We do need to accept that and move on. That means though the fight has just begun. A peaceful, organized, step by step front against every assholic whim Trump has.

We fight against what Trump has sworn he will do. Make no mistake, we won’t let him. Nothing has happen yet, but we see him appointing people who will be poor choices for human rights, the environment, the health of our families, and world peace. We’re not having it. I’m sorry, no this is not sour grapes or whining. This isn’t George Bush who said…”I know that the human being and the fish can co –exsist peacefully “ or Ronald Reagan..weeellllll…They just made us shake our heads, as the nation swung right for a while. This is an irrational man child hell bent on his way regardless of who it hurts.

There is issue after issue I am pissed off about. I certainly don’t have all the answers but its plain to see we are moving in a dangerous directions.

Look, my republican sisters.  You need to understand something. This isn’t just about abortion. It isn’t just about health either. Here’s the thing, we as women have oppressed for 100’s of years throughout history.  Now finally we’re close to equal terms. The single thing that changed life for women, even more than the right to vote, is the ability to control our reproduction. Part of the systematic oppression of women was keeping us “in our place”. I don’t care how firmly you believe in something, if you have a dozen kids, pregnant and one still nursing like most of our great great+ grandmothers did, you can’t fight against jack shit. You’re in survival mode all the time. You have no means, help or support.

We have to protect Roe. Vs Wade so we can protect women’s right. If you’re thinking the equal rights amendment takes care of that you are mistaken. It’s never been ratified in 38 states, only in 35. It has sat stagnant since the 70s’ Ask yourself, do you want to live in a country where women only have rights in certain states? If you hate abortion because you feel its morally wrong, than help educate teens and young adults about how to avoid unwanted pregnancies. We have to let abortion remain a private health decision. Let’s brainstorm on how we can cut the rate in half this year and still protect a woman’s right to choose. We can start by supporting Planned Parenthood since that’s what they’re about in the first place.  The goal of shutting down Planned Parenthood is not to protect fetuses, make no mistake there, the goal is to oppress women in general.
Pence’s actions against PP and shutting down a needle exchange program in Indiana caused an HIV and hepatitis c outbreak.  Do we want that on a national scale? There is a huge heroin problem in this country rapidly getting worse. defunding Planet Parenthood across the nation is only going to make this crisis worse.

Do you realize we are losing 100s of plants animals to extinction every day. Do you realize that the Flint Michigan water crisis was a warning? 90,000 people in Michigan left the president choice of their ballots blank in protest, largely because of the water crisis.
The atrocities going on in North Dakota I am so angry about. I have been watching videos of first hand accounts rather than what mainstream media tells you. There are peaceful people desperately trying to protect their land and our water while the country turns a blind eye.

Our Native American citizens have joined together trying to protect the water that millions of people depend on. This is on Obama’s watch and he does nothing knowing he is running out of time and his successor has money in the pipeline. We see Trump will inherit the issue and water safety will lose.

Now just as I was writing it it is announced there will be further discussion. Thanks  Obama…eye roll…do what’s right. He’s just killing time. The pipeline will move through anyway, and all the company needs to worry about is a fine for violating it, which Trump will throw out. I won’t be a bit surprised to see things escalate there quickly.

 Our climate is changing; our scientists agree this is a serious issue. Some think we have already reached the point of no return. We have elected a man who thinks it’s a hoax created by China. We’re not going to sit back and while all the progress made since the first earth day is erased. He wants to throw it all out. Hell no.

Trump is showing no signs of true leadership. He is still playing on twitter like a twelve year old. We fight back on the most local level and build. This what Bernie Sanders recommends and we need to do it.

The cost of health care is ridiculous. The insurance companies and big pharma need to be regulated by someone other than their own bedmates. Not having lifesaving medication because they cost more than you make is the most ridiculous. People cant afford to be sick.

I intend to fight back. Peacefully. We are organizing, we are watching, our heads won’t go back in the sand. I realize some people can't speak out whether because of their job, or house or family or whatever, so I am shouting for them. I've been out spoken since I was eight and stopping now would be a waste of a lifetime of bitching. I haven't even begun on education, but I have run out of time for the day. To be continued.......

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Children’s theater is the best model for education

We're back for another season of theater. We're lucky enough to live near a family theater company.  When I think about what I want my children to learn, what is important, what they need, the one thing that provides many of these things is theater. I want my child to be enthusiastic about learning new things. I want my child to understand history. I want my child to be able to work independently, to cooperate in a group, to be responsible for her share. I want my child to learn to meet deadlines, to be punctual, to keep track of her own stuff. I want my child to read and articulate well. I want her to be able to think on her feet. I want her to embrace her creative side. I want all these things for her. As a protective mother hen, I also want my child to socialize in a somewhat controlled environment where I know she is physically safe.  I want her to have friends with the same interests, maturity level and intelligence. I want her to have the brain development that comes with fine arts. Most of all I want her to have the joy that comes with opening night and a job well done. Isn't this what we all want for our children?

I think we need to remodel our education system with a theater focus. Every child benefits from the fine arts. If a child isn’t interested in being on stage, there is plenty to do behind the scenes. Everything from set design, lighting, music and the whole business side of it.


There is something for every child. Our schools are filled with entirely too much testing. Its not necessary. How do you gage what a child has learned? You just watch. At no time in theater does the director have the children sit down and take a written exam on their lines, dance moves or responsibilities. No, they learn by doing it, doing the work of it every day. The results are obvious, for better or worse during the show. Whether the show is fantastic or a hard knock, the children will learn from it.


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

We Need to do a Better Job

As Americans taking a hard look at ourselves, what values we embrace and who we are as a people, we need to reflect on what we are teaching our children. Older folks know all too well how time flies and how quickly things change. Soon, very soon these children will be adults; they will be passed the torch to carry on our traditions and ethics. What are they learning and from whom? With todays technology its impossible to shelter children any more from adult topics. Think about the 1970’s, no internet, family hours on TV, adult content only after 8:00 a night. Politics weren’t discussed in grade school. The only information was around the dinner table. Those days are gone, and now the children of today hear and see all. We must do a better job of being the filter of all this bombardment of information. Ask your child questions? What scares you? What do you worry about? We may be pessimistic about politics in the future but we need to be careful about passing those fears on to our children. We bitch and moan about all of it, but deep down I think most adults feel like they will be ok somehow whatever happens, survived this long, we’ll be fine. The child doesn’t have that inner voice , the child only hears if so and so wins we’re doomed. No we’re not. Tell them, whoever wins they will be fine and safe. We owe them that much.